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Critical Alignment Yoga, what it is and who it is for

Critical Alignment Yoga is undoubtedly an effective tool for improving the overall health of your body. It helps you get rid of bad motor habits, makes your body feel better, and helps you feel lightness in your body. Regular exercises and correct execution technique guarantee visible improvements with your posture, the way you walk and sit the as well. Your body deserves attention, let it feel free, and your life will change for the better.

The unique technique of Critical Alignment Yoga was developed through the sorrow scientific research conducted for over 40 years. Unlike the rest of the yoga practices, Critical Alignment Yoga will be an excellent tool that can permanently relieve your back pain and posture problems, and will help eliminate emotional stress. Regular exercise has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system in general, improves blood circulation, relieves stress.

How Critical Alignment Yoga Works

The Critical Alignment method is specifically aimed at working with the postural muscles of the spine. This is one of the main parts of the entire muscle corset in humans. These muscles are located close to the spine, they work against the force of gravity, allowing us to maintain a posture. The postural muscles can be toned longer than the rest, and due to this most they accumulate most of the tension during the day, which subsequently causes back pain.

Critical alignment yoga aims to relieve back pain, improve posture and release emotional stress. The main principle of the Critical Alignment practice is quite simple: the exercises are focused on relaxing the motor and postural muscles. A tailored training system may be built for you to suit your particular needs. After the first session, you can feel the result: negative thoughts will disappear, mood and appetite will improve, the body will feel lightness and ease, and the tension will become noticeably less. With regular exercise, you can completely get rid of muscle tightness and keep your back healthy.

Who Critical Alignment Yoga is Good For

If you feel frequent pain in the back area, a headache haunts you, and anxiety interferes with your life, Critical Alignment Yoga practice will be a great helper in solving those problems.

A sedentary lifestyle is the most common cause of neck and back pain. Spending a lot of time in a tense or even uncomfortable position, your spine experiences constant discomfort, which can subsequently cause curvature, severe pain in the lumbar region and other dorsal areas. Even migraine may be triggered this way. Critical Alignment Yoga aims to restore the mobility of the entire spinal column and eliminate all the problems caused by the tension stored in the back muscles.

Stress is another factor that drives tension in our body. Emotional burnout, permanent fatigue - all these processes undoubtedly negatively affect the quality of our lifes. By releasing muscle clamps through Critical Alignment Yoga practice, you also get rid of accumulated emotional fatigue, freeing your mind of heavy thoughts to release energy for more creative and enjoyable activities in your life.

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